Parrish King

For City Council

District 7

Real Independent

I do not fall under the constraints of political affiliations, I am motivated by my own personal principles and morality. No outside group or power holds influence over my decisions.I have conservative ideology on the majority of subjects and trust that my sound judgement stands out against basic antiquated political parties. On both sides of the political foreground there are those suffering from corruption and cowardice with a lacking in an ethical moral code. As an unswayable independent, election without a major party backing is a challenge I welcome. I belong to the Parrish King party, and I'm not here to party.

As a result of the new maps. I am now a part of district 7. The most important and sought after district in the city. This contains Downtown, Springfield, Riverside, Avondale, Murry Hill, Ortega, College Park, and more.

I built this site myself with no experience. I'm updating it a few nights a week. So check back for new tabs, new sections, more info, city projects, and general views that set the guy ahead of your favorite parties favorite candidate.

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